Our advertisements are full colour.

Our sizes are worked out by columns for width and centimetres for height. Thus you could have a 6cm high by 2 column wide advertisement or maybe a 10cm high by 3 column wide etc.

The price is worked out by single column centimetre. The cost of which is £6.15 p.s.c.c. So, if you had a 6 x 2 ad it would be 12 x £6.15.

Overall page size: 20.5cm wide x 28.0cm deep.

Other sizes:
FRONT COVER SINGLE = 9cm wide x 6.0cm high
FRONT PAGE DOUBLE = 18.5cm wide x 6.0cm high
BACK COVER SINGLE = 9cm wide x 12.5cm high
BACK COVER DOUBLE = 18.5cm wide x 12.5sm high
EARPIECE = 3.5cm wide x 6.0cm high

Column widths:
1 = 3.5cm
2 = 7.25cm
3 = 11.0cm
4 = 14.75cm
5 = 18.5cm

Full Page = 18.5cm wide x 25cm high


Thus if you booked a series of 4 + advertisements over a period of 6 months you could receive up to 30% discount depending on the size. No prepayment is required at all. We invoice as and when an ad is published so each advertisement is invoiced individually. Our accounts accept all major debit/credit cards, BACS & cheques.

Our classified is £5.23 per single column centimetre. A run of 6 consecutive ads attracts a third discount. These are invoiced 2 ads at a time.

Deadline dates for Advertisements:

Publication Date:
6th May
20th May
3rd June
17th June
1st July
15th July
29th July
12th August
26th August
9th September
23rd September
7th October
21st October
4th November

Deadline Date:
23rd April
7th May
21st May
4th June
18th June
2nd July
16th July
30th July
13th August
27th August
10th September
24th September
8th October
22 October


We are able to distribute leaflets with our delivered magazines and will take a minimum amount of 1000. It is possible to choose individual areas but not by streets or housing estates.

For further information or advice, please contact one of our sales consultants, contact details available on the CONTACT US page.